So much life in the nuances, the details, the gestures. To show people, to capture the spirit of an idea, to share the energy of a gathering.


Good for initiative, product, or offering videos; campaign or call-to-action videos; meeting report-outs; organizational videos; and video reports or white-papers.


Content Strategy, Interview Questions, Video Capture, Writing, Graphic Design, Sound Design, Video Editing



1 | Audience & Content Understand audience, survey content, and identify themes and ideas.

2 | Planning & Storyboard Draft interview questions, map out storyboard, and prepare for capture.

3 | Interview & Capture Conduct & capture interviews, and gather b-roll based on storyboard.

4 | Editing & Sound Manage & review video footage, edit video, and design sound.

5 | Revision & Delivery Rework video draft based on feedback and deliver final video files.