Illustrations & Video

Even simple forms and pictures can help people see ideas more clearly, illustrate a way forward, and bring to life a character or story.


Good for informational & explanatory videos; training & educational videos; initiative, product, or offering videos; educational video series; blog post series; and storyboards-in-motion.


Content Strategy, Script Writing, Illustration, Animation, Sound Design, Video Editing



1 | Audience & Content Understand audience, survey content, and identify main points or themes.

2 | Style & Storyboard Develop style & color palette, and draft storyboards & characters, as necessary.

3 | Script & Illustration Write & edit script, and create illustrations in preparation for animation.

4 | Animation, Sound & Editing Animate illustrations, work on sound design & voice-over, and edit video.

5 | Revision & Delivery Rework video draft based on feedback and deliver final video files.